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Metro Oil: Going the extra mile for its customers

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Metro Oil: Going the extra mile for its customers

Because fuel, by allowing their vehicles to function and go places, plays a crucial part in the lives of its customers, Metro Oil wants to go out of its way to treat them as friends, with a courteous and respectful staff providing service and advice that exceed expectations. The aim of Metro Oil’s new campaign, “Let’s Go Metro!”, is to emphasize this philosophy.

An identity based on a friendly service
What matters the most in a service station? Convenience in terms of location, and price are of course among the essentials, but are we not allowed to expect a little bit more? A smile, a friendly service, some sound advice? Just like our vehicle is more than a means of transport, a service station should do more than provide fuel and should cater to its customers as dynamic individuals by acknowledging the capital part our vehicles play in their daily existence. It is this belief that inspires Metro Oil to offer a combination of efficient and environmentally-aware service, helpful and caring support, all delivered with a friendly and informal manner, with the intention of enhancing individual lifestyles.

The LET’S GO METRO! campaign: It is all about movement
The idea that Metro Oil’s added value resides in its friendly neighborhood stations that know how to be in touch with what is important in our lives, has driven the new “Let’s Go Metro!” campaign. The focus is on movement and growth, the dynamics of a driver’s life (whether a private driver or a public utility vehicle driver) that Metro Oil gas stations enable, inspire and support. These key elements are translated into 3 different messages directed to Metro Oil’s customers:

Move Up. Let’s Go Metro!
A student who goes on her first road trip with friends after getting her driver’s license. A couple who buys a bigger car after the birth of their first child. Life is full of such challenges, opportunities for growing and stepping up, and Metro Oil wants to accompany its customers on this journey of self-improvement and this quest to bring honor and comfort to their families.

Move Together. Let’s Go Metro!
We are all part of a community, or several, and Metro Oil wants to facilitate our aspirations to share important moments with our loved ones, family and friends, through a road trip or a picnic on the beach together, or any other exciting adventure.

Move On. Let’s Go Metro!
Life is not always a straight flat road and everyone will need at some point to be uplifted and supported through stress, heartbreaks and the hurdles that life brings along the way. This is why Metro Oil commits to help its customers to hit the road and move on through challenging times.

Since geographic proximity is also of the essence when it comes to finding a service station which can embody the philosophy that the “Let’s Go Metro!” campaign aims to convey, you may find your nearest Metro Oil station in Manila, Quezon City, Rizal, Marikina, Bulacan, Malabon, Pasig, San Juan, Tanza, Cavite and Pampanga by visiting our location finder here. (Add link to station finder here).

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