Move up and get the most out of your fuel

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Move up and get the most out of your fuel

Ever-rising gas prices and the need to reduce our carbon footprint have led motorists to be increasingly mindful of fuel efficiency. As it turns out, extracting more kilometers out of each liter of fuel only requires to follow a few elementary and efficient steps. Here are eight simple tips to stretch as many kilometers to the liter as possible.

1. Travel light
Get rid of the extra load in your trunk as any additional weight in your car affects fuel economy. The lighter the overall weight of the vehicle, the least energy is required of the engine. On average every 50kg will increase your fuel consumption by 2% so make sure you shed all the unnecessary weight that might drag you down.

2. Drive smoothly
Most of the fuel is burned in overcoming inertia and building up speed from a stationary position. The key is therefore to drive at a steady speed while avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking, which can be achieved by observing the road ahead and anticipating how the traffic will move. The perfect way to travel is at a constant speed and in the highest appropriate gear.

3. Switch off when you can
Keep in mind that whatever puts a drain on the battery (like air conditioning) will also put a drain on your fuel consumption. So if you are serious about not wasting precious fuel, limit the use of air-con to what is necessary for you comfort and that of your passengers. Turning off the engine when the car is parked or stationed on the roadside instead of idling at a red light for a long time can also be a good idea in order to save fuel, not to mention the benefits of reducing emissions of CO2 to the environment.

4. Avoid wind resistance
Car manufacturers design vehicles to make them as aerodynamic as possible and to reduce the amount of “drag” on the air. According to research, boxes mounted on a roof rack can reduce fuel efficiency by 5%. Even the roof rack in itself can increase wind resistance. Hence, if you are not using it on a particular trip or commute, it is better to remove it. Also avoid leaving your windows or your rooftop open, as it can heavily impact your fuel economy.

5. Try carpooling
A significant amount of fuel is wasted daily due to traffic congestion in peak hours. An optimal way to avoid this and thus increase energy efficiency is carpooling, i.e the arrangement between people to make a regular journey in a single car. Carpooling offers a wide range of benefits: In addition to cutting down the number of vehicles on the road and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it also provides commuting convenience, with less stress and the added bonus of companionship.

6. Maintain your car
Following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule will also help you save money on fuel. It is highly recommended to replace the components as per the recommended intervals to keep the car “healthy” and thus able to provide optimum fuel efficiency. In addition to crucial components also affecting safety, certain consumables like the air and oil filters, along with engine oil, need to be regularly replaced or changed in order to avoid excessive strain on the engine.

7. Get pumped up
Most of the engine power is dedicated to making the tires roll and compensate the friction created by the contact with the road. Low tire pressure increments resistance and therefore makes the engine use more energy, which in turn increases fuel usage. This is why it is crucial to keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure indicated in your owner’s manual.

8. Choose quality
When it comes to fuel, it is essential to choose one of high quality. The reason for that is simple: The better the fuel, the more efficiently it burns. All Metro Oil products, both diesel and gasoline, meet the Euro-4 P specifications in fuel which results in cleaner emissions. Combined with the Astrex additives, which further optimize the engine’s performance and power, our products are therefore ideal to ensure fuel efficiency.

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