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18 January 2019

Go Cashless at Metro Oil Roosevelt

The rise of electronic payment in the Philippines has pushed a lot of customer-centric businesses such as Metro Oil to innovate towards easing their customer’s day-to-day transactions. Metro Oil amplifies convenience to customers. Traffic and long ATM lines—these are two among countless reasons why it is not a surprise that six out of 10 Filipinos […]

26 November 2018

Move up with 3 easy Metro car tips

Have a safe and sound drive all the time with these 3 easy breezy car tips from your friendly local gas station. Let’s Go Metro! 1. Keep the good times rolling and avoid getting a flat tire by always having your tires checked. It’s important to do so as you gas up to make sure […]

24 October 2018

Move up and get the most out of your fuel

Ever-rising gas prices and the need to reduce our carbon footprint have led motorists to be increasingly mindful of fuel efficiency. As it turns out, extracting more kilometers out of each liter of fuel only requires to follow a few elementary and efficient steps. Here are eight simple tips to stretch as many kilometers to […]